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Rachel Dares
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Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn hosted by Harvest Rock Church founding pastor Ché Ahn airing every Tuesday on GOD TV. The show addresses a variety of topics and attempts to answer many foundational questions that we ask every day. On the show, Ché Ahn with his daughter and co-host, Joy Ahn Ngu, engages in eye-opening conversations with many notable guests such as Cindy Jacobs, Dr. Michael Brown, Eric Metaxas, James Goll, Dr. Arleen Westerhof, and many more.

Ché Ahn is one of the most influential pastors of our era and founder of Harvest International Ministry. He also authored dozens of successful books, including Modern-Day Apostles, and currently is the International Chancellor of Wagner University. His debut show attracts viewers all over the world to witness a religious and philosophical investigation of the truth.

“We don’t live in a land of regret. We live in a land of victory,” reveals the internationally revered prophet Cindy Jacobs in the premiere episode of the show. Jacobs is one of many inspirational guests and pioneers of faith who shared their revival stories on the brand-new show on GOD TV. She shared many revelations and prophecies about restoration and restitution that God will provide people on Earth. “God wants to give you a rewind. Maybe right now your finances have gone down. Maybe right now you just feel at a loss,” Jacobs says. She predicts a light at the end of the very dark tunnel and people will receive a holy restoration and a path to redemption. Jacob passionately prophecies that “God is restoring, and we should expect it to happen. This is very exciting because this is a reformation that we have never seen. Change is coming and it’s so fast.”

Cindy with her husband Mike Jacobs founded Generals International, which is a prayer-based organization that has been transforming the lives of individuals and nations since 1985. She has preached for millions of worshippers and garnered a massive following equipping them with
God’s word.

In the latest episode, Papa Ché spoke with prominent radio host and religious leader Dr. Michael Brown. They discussed the power of transformation by the church and why some worshippers felt some dissatisfaction. “The whole idea of you pray 50 times to be saved and 5 years later after disciplining and you’re still a mess. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. Salvation is supposed to be a radical conversion and transformation. Yeah, we’ll have troubles and obstacles. We understand that. But you encounter God,” explains Dr. Brown. During the discussion, Ché Ahn referred to how he was freed from his vices as a teenager through the same kind of transformation. “I’ve never gone back, it was a one-day transformation,” remembers the host.

Michael Brown also shares heartfelt stories about how unexpected the power of repentance can be. “We would have photographers come in doing shoots for Time Magazine or New York Times and at the end of the night, they’re weeping at the altar. I remember a guy came running into the altar, a camera around his neck, weeping in repentance and then looks around and he sees all these people weeping and then he goes: “great photo op,” he takes out his camera, start taking pictures and then he goes back to weeping. We saw this night in and night out,” describes Brown.

The upcoming episode this Tuesday, August 11th, will feature Eric Metaxas, #1 New York Times bestselling author of many books including Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther, If You Can Keep It, and many more. Metaxas will share his personal testimonies and talk about the experiences that made him one of the most prolific writers and successful figures in the literary world.

Metaxas is also the host of his own radio show, The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, heard in more than 120 cities around the U.S. in which he interviewed extraordinary guests from all fields such as Tony Hale, Joseph Fiennes, Adam McKay, Kirsten Powers David Gregory, Dick Cavett, and more. Metaxas is also an international public speaker and was the keynote speaker at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. Metaxas’ long list of accomplishments makes him the perfect guest on the show as he engages with Pastor Ché and co-host, Joy in the fascinating interview.

Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn has already become the greatest platform for spiritual awakening and dialectical discussions reaching 300 million homes via DirecTV, DISH, and the GOD TV app. Visit https://cheahn.org/ and subscribe to Ché Ahn’s YouTube channel, where you will be able to find all future episodes.

Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn on GOD TV airs every Tuesday at 8:30 pm EST with re-runs of previous shows throughout the week.



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