Scott Howard: The Next Evolution

Rachel Dares
3 min readNov 13, 2020
World Ascension Tour Concert Film Poster

The next chapter of Scott Howard’s ethereal odyssey is upon us. This December, he plans to unveil the long-awaited concert film titled “World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker’s Journey) Live at Village Studios in 432 Hz”.

The lightworker, the dreamer, and the ascended man himself Scott Howard, with his band, delivers the ultimate virtual concert experience. The mind-blowing performance unleashed with visually breathtaking spectacles is a must-see.

The music of Scott Howard has been streamed over 10 million times, mustering a large following of dedicated “Ascended Fans” around the globe. His latest EP “The Language of Clouds,” released in May 2020, received worldwide critical acclaim. Music journalist Matt Herman writes “[Scott] is in his element, putting out a virtuosic vision in the middle of an emerging sonic windstorm, and never showing even the slightest hesitance in his execution.” The album is accompanied by an eBook, which contains a compilation of photographs taken over the 5 years of Scott’s Awakening.

Scott Howard’s lifelong spiritual journey added intrigue and depth to his transcendental music. His highly successful 2018 album Ascended Man, featured in Billboard magazine, marked the beginning of this journey. His wild and tumultuous past is chronicled in his intimate lyrics. Through his music, Scott tells the story of his path to redemption and awakening. The synthesized mystic melodies and the warm tones of the acoustic guitar complemented by Howard’s deep and confident voice create a hypnotic effect.

His experimentalism and avant-garde nature allowed him to pioneer a new genre called Source Music. Source serves as his main influence coming from the celestial beyond. Performed at 432 Hz, Scott Howard’s music has a curative effect on the mind and soul. The same frequency used by some of the greatest musicians in history, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach.

Scott Howard & the band at the Village Studios

Ascended Fans can appreciate and support Scott Howard’s music in many ways. A special, limited vinyl-album is available, in which fans can enjoy some of Scott Howard’s best tracks. Scott Howard will also be launching a signature AscensioN432WeaR clothing line featuring multi-functional face & headshields with crystals to aid in manifestation, protection & healing.

Scott always finds innovative ways to engage with his ascended fans. On his Patreon page, he released never seen before images and videos. And with the Dreamer membership, fans can book a personal, one-on-one 5-minute call with him. Helping others mentally and spiritually is a foundational pillar of Scott’s mission.

When asked about his inspiration, Scott answered: “Initially pain, loss, man’s inhumanity to man and other beings of this realm.” Scott experienced many pain and losses, but he was able to learn how to pick himself up, embrace the inevitability, and move forward. “The knowledge that all emotional change is important to the growth of the soul spark in all of us,” he preaches.

Overflowing with both light and dark moments, Scott Howard’s music portrays the realities of life. With each song, there is a lesson learned. Every line releases an energy that enables us to go on and help others in what is to come. He emphasizes that the storm is almost over and that we are all in different degrees of healing in this world. His remarkable body of work is filled with tales of hope, love, a passage to enlightenment, and an ascension.



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