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Rachel Dares
4 min readOct 4, 2020
Dr. David Steenblock, D.O.

Dr. David Steenblock, D.O. is a world-renowned regenerative medicine and stem cell therapist based in San Clemente, California. Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies assist the human body to heal, repair, replace, and regenerate damaged or malfunctioning cells. Stem Cells are unique cells from which all other cells are derived as they have the ability to replicate and differentiate into multiple tissue types. Dr. Steenblock is able to harvest cells from bone marrow, peripheral blood fat, and umbilical cords (or cord blood,) and utilize their generative capacity to help repair damaged tissues throughout the body which has an anti-aging effect.

As old age wears us all down, whether in individual organs or in the production of overall ailments — stem cell science has been the focus of professionals who see regenerative medicine as the key to healing a wide range of patients throughout the world. According to Dr. Steenblock, “The cells of our bodies have only a limited number of times they can divide in order to repair themselves. This is called the “replication limit” which means that after about 50 times of repairing itself the cell becomes “SENILE”.

Cells replicate in response to injury so the more injuries you inflict on an organ, the faster that organ gets old, and the cells within become senile. Studies now have demonstrated that the removal of these senile cells
from the body can achieve dramatic YOUNGERING EFFECTS.

When a cell becomes senile, it creates a cascade of events leading to inflammation and disease that decreases the human lifespan.” The practice of YOUNGERING focuses on finding the causes of the aging process and implementing stem cells to reverse that state of events. Stem cells are considered to be immortal: they do not age, they can proliferate indefinitely, and form any tissue of the organism. “Stem cells act as a repair system for the body,” says Dr. Steenblock, “and they can rejuvenate and replace aging cells to maintain health”.

Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa, a Senior Researcher for the Veterans Administration of the United States, describes the necessity, “the human body contains millions of cells, as such — one’s vitality is a reflection of one’s cellular health.” Dr. David Steenblock has been focused on the repair of this cellular vitality while serving the Orange County, California community for the last 40 years. One patient suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Keith Sees, and his wife Nancy, visited Dr. Steenblock’s practice after feeling hopeless with Keith’s illness decimating his motor skills. “We had no more hope in the ALS community,” Nancy says, “In two weeks we have noticed improved speech, changes in his ability to swallow, ability to eat more texturous food, less aches, and pains. His gait has improved, and he is more steady and stable.”

In addition to ALS, Dr. Steenblock’s practice has used stem cells to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease and stroke, cerebral palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, and various types of joint pain including that for which is often prescribed narcotic level maintenance pharmaceuticals from other doctors. All of these treatments involve the overall Youngering™ of the human body by implementing stem cells.


For patients interested in an introductory level of stem cell rehabilitation, Dr. Steenblock has created a supplement called Stemgevity™. Stemgevity™ is a unique formulation of natural, synergistic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that many consider to be helpful for the support of the normal structure and function of the body’s stem cells. Stemgevity™ is unique in that it not only helps release bone marrow stem cells (and according to our research does that far better than anything else on the market,) but also may have the effect of boosting the proliferation of stem cells as well (proliferation means “to increase in number.”) In other words, Stemgevity™ may assist your bone marrow in creating and releasing increased numbers of stem cells. Additionally, Stemgevity™ appears to “feed” the stem cells once they’re in the blood. This combination of properties makes Stemgevity™ unique. “I started taking it mostly because I was interested in the work of Dr. Steenblock, trusted him, and knew that the science behind stem cells was real. I just wanted to see how it would affect my overall youth factors,” says a new patient, “and within just a few days I noticed that stretch marks I had from a pregnancy seven years ago were disappearing. Within about two weeks I noticed that fat in the same area which had been stubborn to even exercise was breaking up, looking smoother. I’m now on vacation wearing bathing suits that I wouldn’t have even joked about wearing before.”

Testimonials like this abound in the practice of Dr. David Steenblock: “excellent doctor with great knowledge, thanks for saving my life from sleep apnea!” Writes H.F. Dr. David Steenblock is also the author of two books, Chlorella: Natural Medicinal Algae, and Umbilical cord Stem Cell Therapy which is considered the formative book on stem cell therapy and research in the United States, co-authored with Anthony G. Payne.

To learn more about Dr. David Steenblock, D.O, and his revolutionary practice in San Clemente, California — visit online at or feel free to send an email to the Front Desk at to discuss your personal needs. Alternatively, connect with the doctor on Facebook or Instagram @dr.davidsteenblock



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